Scanning Services

Our large format monochrome and color scanners will create a digital file or physical print of your renderings up to 44" wide by any manageable length. Scanned files can be saved to disk or CD, printed out in hardcopy form, or converted into any file type. We can scan almost anything up to a 1/2" thick.


Full Color Scanning

  • We can scan large format Sheets including house plans, maps, artwork and much more. Include monochrome or full color formats up to 36" wide by any length.


  • Our designers can also help you manipulate or modify your scanned images for any presentation. The possibilities are endless!


  • Our staff will help you convert scanned files into a file format of your liking. Store them on CD, FTP them or email them!

Digital Archiving

  • Scan your blueprints, artwork, logos, print materials and other media with PPR and we will store the files in our new Advanced Data Center.